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Pain can be a teacher, if you learn from it.

Pain and discomfort can be wonderful teachers if you learn from them. The irony is in the learning of the lesson, and that's on you. Is the lesson going to bring you down or up?

For example:

Anyone that has tried to teach a child "potty training" knows that learning is resisted, frustrating, messy, disheartening, and has accepted the child is not yet ready to learn.

Anyone that has taught a child to become "potty trained" knows that learning is resisted, frustrating, messy, uplifting and rewarding. That is the acceptance of a child ready to learn the lesson.

When it comes to pain and discomfort, are you still learning, or have you learned?

Same concept or learning applies to healing from an injury, whether it's emotional or physical, and as a chiropractor, I witness these concepts at work every day.

Any good #doctor is a #teacher, and every great #chiropractor aspires to be a memorable #teacher. We teach #health, #wellness, #balance, #stressmanagement ; willing students leave our office feeling intrinsic #motivation to live a memorable, meaningful life.

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