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How does that Relate to me?: The Relativity proof that Einstein and Newton liked chiropractic

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

The take home message:

Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton, two relatively smart guys, had some theories about energy and force. And as I see it, those theories translate into holistic care of a person. I chose chiropractic so I could use my problem-solving skills to be a positive healing force in people's lives through focusing on the whole person. By applying a Force with some weight behind it, you can affect the mind, body and soul of a person.


Read on for more information, especially if you like physics and mathematics:

See Einstein's theory of special relativity in any reliable science book for reference, or take my word for it, states that everything is moving relative to everything else. For that Einstein has a nice little formula:

E=m*c^2, or E = m * c * c

which means that an amount of Energy is equal to amount of mass that is increased by the speed of light two times. Conceptually, this means that energy and mass are the same, and energy happens when you take a mass (matter) and move it very fast...

which all sounds very similar to Newton's second law of motion where a force happens when you take a mass and move it faster and faster. Einstein's theory of special relativity is "special" because it refers to cases where the frame of reference for relativity is constant, unchanging motion; specifically, all objects are moving at the top speed, the speed of light.

Which got me thinking...

Reschke's Theory of General Relativity: You cannot know [happy] unless you know [sad]. Furthermore, you can place any pair of opposites into the brackets of that last sentence: and all those descriptive words are all relative to your personal experience. I believe the deeper sorrow you feel/have felt, the greater joy you can feel/will feel. As I continued thinking, I figured that the reason for pain is laughter, such as the more pain you feel/felt, the deeper and stronger you can laugh (everyone knows laughter is the best medicine). Pain, as we know and understand, affects us in many ways. It's safe to say pain affects the whole person. With the premise that a whole person's energy is made up 3 dimensions, 1) Mind 2) Body 3) Soul (in no specific order) then, we have the basis for a mathematical proof for Reschke's Theory of Special Relativity.

**For any variables that are squared, I'm going to write them out mathematically: c^2 = c*c

Check out the following "simple" mathematics---(math joke)---

We assume Einstein is correct and mass and energy are the same when the mass is moving constantly and the motion does not change


Since 'c' in the Energy formula represents the speed of light which is a constant speed, we'll define speed as distance/time

E = m * d/t * d/t

and we can rearrange the above

E = m * d/(t*t) * d

and since define acceleration as distance/time^2,


We can interchange ac for later Energy is mass * acceleration * distance,

E = m * d/(t*t) * d and a=d/(t*t) means that

E= m*a*d

Now let's look back at our Energy Formula and assume Newton was correct and that force = mass* acceleration :

E = m*a*d AND F = m*a means that we can interchange F and m*a since they are equals, so

E = F*d

By rearranging the energy formula in that way and substituting in force, we arrive at the following conclusion: Energy is a Force applied over a distance

{That's great, Dr. Cole, we already knew that from high school physics!} No ground breaking here.

As a chiropractor, I apply a force to another person, so what happens when we apply a separate Force to a person's Energy?

We know E= F*d, and since we have an equals sign, if we apply force to one side, we have to apply same force to the other side

F*E = F*F*d

When I apply a force to a person's energy, we we have created a Force in no less than 2 dimensions over distance - WHICH MEANS NOTHING, HA! And you thought I was going somewhere with this...


What if we applied some weight to our Force? As in, what if we had some evidence-based clinical decisions to go along with our adjustment force?

Weight is defined as to mass times gravitational acceleration which can be written as

W = m*d/(t*t) , because we remember that acceleration is a=d/(t*t), and we will define a weighted force as W*F

We know E= F*d, and since we have an equals sign, if we apply weighted force to one side, we have to apply same weighted force to the other side of the equation

W*F*E = W*F*F*d

and we can rewrite that

W*F*E = F*F*d*W

and on the right side of the equation, we substitute m*d/(t*t) for W so we have

W*F*E = F* F * d * m*d/(t*t)

and --- because Force = mass*distance/time*time

We arrive at the following destination

E*F*weight = Force*Force*Force*distance

Did you see this one coming?

If we apply some weight with our Force, and when we apply a weighted force to a person's Energy, then you are theoretically applying Energy in 3 dimensions of that person.

Wait -- what? What does that mean? Am I saying that chiropractic treatment can affect the mind, body, and soul of a person? Well isn't that precisely what holistic care is? Looking at the whole person? Exactly!

Hey, if Albert Einstein and and Isaac Newton thought it could work -- I wouldn't argue with them!

I chose chiropractic so I could use my problem-solving skills to be a positive healing force in people's lives through focusing on the whole person.

I thought that was ground breaking stuff, and that's not even the end!

See the next post about The Art and Science of Healing and how Art is also very important.

Thank you for reading. And yes, applying a weighted force to a person's energy and affecting their mind, body, and soul is not specific to chiropractic. Yet chiropractic is how I chose to use this principle to enhance the lives of others around me. What do you do?


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