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X-Ray Results

PAIN RELIEF, Step 1, aka "Clean up the mess"

Patients often come to me when they are concerned, worried or frustrated with pain or discomfort that is affecting their life.  Most people associate chiropractors with back pain -- since chiropractors evaluate the spine.  We can also help with knee, wrist,  shoulder, or hip pain and discomfort (or any combination of aches and pains that are stopping you from an activity)..  If you have injuries from a car accident, weekend softball, moving furniture, etc. come on in and we will see if chiropractic can help you. 

CORRECTIVE CARE, Step 2, aka "Find the new normal"

Sometimes injuries or long-term overuse can lead to changes in your bones, muscles, and nerves.  If that is the case, then fixing the problem requires focused stretching of certain muscles and exercises to help you strengthen specific muscles. These treatments can also make recovery faster and easier, but require consistent effort from you.  We work together as a team for your health.   

Treadmill Walking


“The level of care that Dr. Cole R provided far exceeded the price that I was paying...

You have a gift in healing and I know that you will help many more patients just like you have helped me."

-Jenny K., 2013

Physical Therapy


Step 3, aka "Maintain that new normal"

We provide wellness care to give you the best functioning nervous system through preventative treatments that promote health and enhance your quality of life.  These are your quick "tune up" appointments to help maintain your current "normal" and keep you at your best.  Maintenance schedules will differ among us because our bodies, our lives and lifestyles are different.  As our lives change, our own definition of "normal" will undoubtedly change as well.  



Initial consultation includes examination, private consultation and adjustment. Find out how our holistic approach to Chiropractic services can help you get back to moving again. Experience health and well-being for a lifetime.

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