Why did you choose chiropractic?

I chose chiropractic as a career for many reasons, too many to list here.  I was raised in a family of Chiropractors and other health care professionals, and I am consistently amazed at the power of the human body, soul, and spirit, and how they respond to stress, injury, and insult.  

In a short example: having experienced back pain myself due to an injury, I was amazed at how much better I felt after being treated by a chiropractor and how the solution seemed so “simple” because the pain I felt was not simple at all. 

Frequently asked questions

What type of treatments do you offer?

ALL treatments include:

Chiropractic adjustments: A gentle, quick push of my hands to restore the best alignment of your body so it can perform at its best. We work to give you a better functioning nervous system. We bring out the best in you!

SOME treatments include:

Myofascial therapy (muscle work), and therapeutic exercises depending on the situation.

If you have an injury, pain, or discomfort that needs to be resolved to help you continue with your life to your best ability we are here for you. We will work to reduce your pain as much as possible, whether it be back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, or headaches. We will help to correct the problem so the pain and discomfort stays away and you can continue to remain active in your life.

What technique do you use?

Primarily diversified technique which all chiropractors learn in chiropractic school, but I will work with every person to find the best way to help their unique body.

Do adjustments hurt?

Usually no. But there a bunch of reasons why they could produce some soreness, and those will be discussed during your visit. Please feel free to ask the doctor questions about the treatment and how it can benefit you.

Why do you say “thank you” after you see every patient?

Because I am thankful for their trust in us and the ability to help them.

Have you ever experienced back pain?

When I was 17 years old at work, I had climbed up about 30 feet high to the top of a large shelving unit in a home improvement store to look for items. As I bent over to pick up a bag of fake snow (which is EXTREMELY light), I felt what I can only describe as a lightning bolt of pain in my low back. I stayed hunched over, and slowly made it to the fetal position while I lay there for about 20 minutes in a cold sweat. After the pain had subsided, I slowly crawled down and told the boss I hurt my back and had to go to the chiropractor. I drove for about 30 minutes, still in a cold sweat and discomfort in my low back. I got adjusted, and I was able to sit and stand and walk with much less pain. I was still sore, but I returned to work and finished my shift. I didn’t do any more heavy lifting and I was very careful on how I bent at the waist for the next few days, and I got adjusted a couple more times and did some icing at home.